In the Five of My Life challenge, Nigel Marsh asks prominent personalities to discuss a favourite Film, Book, Song, Place & Possession that enable them to tell the stories of their lives. 


With millions of listens and thousands of subscribers, Five of My Life includes numerous Prime Ministers, Australians of the Year, bestselling authors, sportspeople, journalists, health professionals, politicians and celebrities. From Osher Gunsberg to Gladys Berejiklian, from Richard Glover to Ken Done, taking the 5ML challenge. Nigel has spoken with some of the best known and respected Australians ,and international, figures. And they always have to follow the exact same format. Whoever they are. It’s remarkably revealing , and fun, to see how people individually decide to respond to the challenge.

If you’ve ever wanted a different angle into what makes the likes of Sarah Wilson, Charlie Teo, Julia Gillard, Layne Beachley or Anthony Albanese tick, this podcast is for you. And not only do you get a unique quirky insight into well known interesting people its also like a film club, book club and music club rolled into one. At its best listening to an episode leads not only to an enjoyable enlightening half an hour , it also leads to a number of other evenings (or car journeys) spent enjoying one or more of  my guests choices that – horror of horrors – might just NOT be trending on Netflix or be recommended to you by the algorithms. Truly bubble busting. Never sensational , always entertaining , often surprising – it’s not your standard interview show. Unpretentious, good humoured, thoughtful – and a little eccentric. 5ML listeners are an engaged community of like minded people who value Entertainment that , with a light ‘under the radar’ touch , is both Enlightening and Elevating.

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And if you’re after a new playlist that avoids the dreaded  and endless ‘same old, same old’ repetition check out what I , in an entirely biased fashion, feel is the best most varied song list on the planet here. Its fun trying to guess which guest chose which song as you listen.


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